The Cast of ‘Cavemen’ Demands That You Send More Hair to ABC

Julie White at last night's benefit. Photo: Photo illustration: Everett Bogue; Getty Images

Okay, Cave-fans: The bad news is that ABC still hasn't decided when, if ever, to renew Cavemen on ABC. The good news is that the stars of TV's furriest sitcom have heard Vulture's pleas and are hoping for more! At last night's benefit for the Jackie Robinson Foundation, series star (and hilarious Tony winner) Julie White lit up like a mother meeting her daughter's Cro-Magnon boyfriend when we told her we were from New York. "It may be," she said cheerfully, "that Cavemen was so cutting-edge and before its time that only a few readers of New York magazine got it." But what about our crusade? Hadn't Stephen McPherson changed his mind when he received envelopes full of hair? A giggling White replied, "We so appreciate your support, but apparently there was not the avalanche of hair that New York Magazine had hoped for."

But there's still hope, she said. "Now I think what the blog should agitate for is just the seven episodes that we made that have never aired to at least get on the air. Because I thought they were pretty funny." Well, where are they?, we asked. "Didn't you see the end of Indiana Jones, with that long big vault with all that stuff in it?" she asked. "That's where those seven episodes are." So until such time as Indy busts in and saves the day, people, get cracking! If you haven't had a chance to clip-and-save Cavemen, it's not too late! If you've already sent one nice, big envelope full of hair, send another one! (Shave a cat, or your girlfriend!) Julie White — and Cave-fans everywhere — demands it. —Stephen Haskell

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