‘The Incredible Hulk’ Trailer: Edward Norton Apparently Cool With Explosions

Tagline: "This summer, our only hope is something incredible."

Translation: Explosions.

The Verdict: Fans disappointed by Ang Lee's slow-moving, mostly explosionless 2003 Lifetime Original–style Hulk film will be pleased to find more action, suspense, and general ass-kickery in the two-minute trailer for this summer's The Incredible Hulk than in the last one's entire fourteen-hour (approximate) running time. Producer-screenwriter-star Edward Norton is allegedly feuding with Marvel over how the movie will be edited (much to the delight of folks at Universal, who are under financial pressure to deliver a blockbuster this time around), but since he reportedly approved this trailer, we're not sure what the dispute could possibly be over. We suppose there's some talking and kissing that the studio might like to see turned into fight sequences, but, no matter who gets final say on the editing, we don't expect anyone will be falling asleep in the theater this time.

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