To View Kota Ezawa's Art, You'll Need an Allen Wrench

Kota Ezawa’s , (2007). Photo: Courtesy of Murray Guy

Kota Ezawa’s new series of light boxes take inspiration from the pages of those devilishly tantalizing IKEA catalogues. He rips them out, draws their likeness on to a computer and mounts them on a light box. The sparkling works are pretty and inspiring, probably more so than the actual furniture, and they don’t come with garbled assembly instructions. Can’t you just imagine scarfing those packaged Swedish meatballs off that new $2.99 plate? Smothered in gravy, doused in cranberry sauce... Okay. Enough. NEW! ($2.99/ea) will be at the Murray Guy gallery booth — one of the thousands of works to peruse at the Armory Show, all weekend at Pier 94. —Emma Pearse