Vampire Weekend's ‘SNL’ Appearance Prompts Major Sweater Backlash

As we probably should've anticipated, the best part of this weekend's Saturday Night Live (with all due respect to Amy Adams) was the pair of performances by blog juggernaut Vampire Weekend, who we continue to like very much despite the massive backlash, currently in progress, that we forecasted months ago. Fighting through a typically subpar SNL audio mix, they still managed to sound pretty great — not that you could tell from the blogosphere's reaction, which is focused mostly on whether the singer's giant sweater makes him a "hyperdouche" (we're still undecided). Also not helping matters is the charticle in yesterday's Times Style Magazine (which notes that if Vampire Weekend's sound were a garment, it would most likely be a sweater) and the PSA that they shot for MTV whilst three-quarters attired in semi-atrocious cardigans.

We expected the band to weather a backlash … but sweaters? Is this going to be like that week the Strokes were on SNL and made us embarrassed to wear our red Chuck Taylors in public? Come on, hipsters, stop screwing around — it's 32 degrees outside!

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