Week in Review: Zzzzzz

As far as weeks go, this one was more or less predictable. First, Trent Reznor subverted traditional methods of music distribution (yawn) and another memoir was revealed to be full of rotten lies. The Tribeca Film Institute merged with Renew Media (like we didn't all see that coming!) and Will Ferrell's semi-funny basketball movie did semi-crappy at the box office. Twyla Tharp's new ballet is totally Tharpian, and Saturday Night Live still isn't funny. On Tuesday, another memoir turned out to be completely made up, and Richard Price gave us the terrific interview we all knew he was capable of.

Wonder of wonders! The Black Crowes new album deserved only two and a half stars, and Caveman fans did not send enough hair to ABC (shave your cat!). Jeff Koons alerted us to New York's pothole problem, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer slept with a girl (we thought she had years ago!). Mary-Louise Parker was Mary-Louise Parker, and the New York art crowd was unimpressed with the Whitney Biennial (even after they visited the tequila bar).

The American Idol front-runner showed up the other contestants, and the new Gnarls Barkley album turned out great. David Gordon Green was predictably unpredictable, Esquire's fictionalized Heath Ledger diary was predictably bad, and Andrew W.K.'s McLaughlin Group–inspired song was predictably awesome (though, in truth, no one could have predicted its existence). Sam Anderson was the best part of the National Book Critics Circle Awards, and The Wire ruined us on television for the rest of our natural lives. Wake us up when something interesting happens.