We're Looking Forward to Cady Huffman's One-Woman Show, ‘My Date With Tom Cruise’

From left, Cady Huffman; Tom Cruise on that fateful night in 1986. Photo: Photos: Walter McBride/Retna, WireImage

Cady Huffman, who won a Tony in 2001 playing Ulla in The Producers, has been woefully absent from the musical-theater scene since. Our hopes are high, though, for the show Huffman told us she's working on: My Date With Tom Cruise. The one-woman cabaret, which she mentioned to us last night at the Actors Company Theater's fifteenth-anniversary gala, is indeed based in truth — she says she and Cruise met years ago at the New York premiere of Top Gun. "I was there with a friend of mine, Tony Edwards, who played Goose." (GOOOOOOOOSE!) "I was in a Broadway show at the time" — 1986's short-lived Bob Fosse musical Big Deal — "and, you know, we were just hanging out."

So what happened between her and Maverick? "We danced the night away," she said, adding slyly, "I'll just say he ended up riding me home on his motorcycle at 7:30 in the morning." (Later, though, she confessed, "It was not as exciting as it sounds.") My Date With Tom Cruise will go up soon, “hopefully in the Metropolitan Room, like in May or something,” Huffman told us, adding, “I gotta get it all situated, figure out what songs I want to sing.” Given the short-lived nature of the romance (she confessed the premiere was “our one evening together”), we’re hoping for at least one heart-stopping torch song about the cultist who got away. We’re also trying to think of a song about unrequited love for a gay guy (leave suggestions in the comments!) … but Huffman does not believe the endless rumors. “The baby is his!” —Ben Kawaller