An Anxious Nation Wants to Know: Will Errol Morris Remember Tony Kornheiser?

On last night's episode of Pardon the Interruption, ESPN's sports show in which Washington Post columnists Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon lovingly shout at each other, Tony revealed that not only did he attend elementary school in Long Island with documentary filmmaker Errol Morris, he believes Morris doesn't remember who he is. The pain was palpable in Kornheiser's voice as he made this confession, but he bravely planned to attend a screening of Morris's new film, Standard Operating Procedure, anyways.

So we were unable to sleep all last night, wondering: Will Tony meet Errol? Will Errol remember him? Will they hug? Does Errol watch PTI as avidly as Tony watches Errol's films? Was Tony joking about giving swirlies to Errol Morris, simply masking the sadness he felt in anger after the fact? Or was there truly some enmity between the two? What happened, Tony and Errol? We must know!

We have calls in to each of these gentlemen's representatives, and we will report back whenever we get word of the result of last night's historic summit in Washington, D.C.