‘Blood Cell’ Trailer: Lonelygirl15 Returns!

Lonelygirl15 (née Jessica Lee Rose) hasn't had much success crossing over from YouTube to the big screen — her first movie was last year's Razzie-winning I Know Who Killed Me, and her next one, wrestling drama Perfect Sport, doesn't sound all that promising. She's had a little more luck on TV (she plays Jen on ABC Family's Greek), but now, in the new Internet horror series Blood Cell, the genre's biggest star makes a welcome return to flash video.

Cell will apparently follow the scary adventures of Julia (Rose), who gets a late-night call from a friend who tells her she's been kidnapped and, if Julia's phone loses its signal, her captor will kill her (we can only pray that Julia's carrier is not AT&T). The action presumably revolves around Julia dodging kidnappers of her own as she tries to find her friend and wall outlets to plug her phone into. Sure, it's probably too stupid of an idea to sustain a movie, but for a bunch of short Webisodes, it doesn't sound half bad. It's got to be better than Quarterlife, right?

Ex-lonelygirl15 Jessica Rose back in online show "Blood Cell" [LAT]