Cave-fans Rejoice! ‘Cavemen’ Coming to DVD?

Photo: Hair courtesy of ABC

It's been a long, tough spring for dedicated fans of ABC's unappreciated sitcom Cavemen. As other shows are renewed left and right — and new programs are green-lit whose ridiculous concepts make Cavemen sound like Pride and Prejudice — TV's hairiest comedy rests in TV limbo. Though the show is certainly extinct, ABC hasn't officially snuffed it out yet, so we at Vulture have tried to keep hope alive for ABC to at least air the remaining seven episodes. We've urged fans to let ABC head honcho Steve McPherson know the depths of their cave-love by sending envelopes full of hair, and even packed an envelope ourselves. Yes, we know the press is supposed to be objective, but dammit, if we can't use Vulture as a platform for this kind of social advocacy, how are we ever going to win the Public Service Pulitzer, like Scott Templeton?

Anyways, things looked bad. But finally, there's some good news! Vulture has heard exclusively that all may not be lost. Our insider caveman sources have contacted us — via a system of smoke signals and primitive pictographs — and let us know that rumor inside the Cavemen camp has ABC releasing all thirteen episodes on DVD. That's right! Thirteen episodes, including the seven that have never yet aired, may be coming to a store near you — presumably in the furriest DVD case that's ever been manufactured. Here's hoping the rumors are true!