David Archuleta Has Been Singing ‘Angels’ Flawlessly for Years

Last night on American Idol, presumed winner David Archuleta sang a superlative, dare we say it, heavenly version of Robbie Williams' 1997 U.K. hit "Angels," cementing his inevitable victory for the tenth week in a row. "This week, I had a hard time picking an inspirational song because there were a few I was thinking about," he said in his preperformance interview, "and when I came to 'Angels,' something about that song was just so different from the other ones," as if he'd only just discovered the track. Really, though, he's been singing it for years! In the above video, a younger, pre-Idol Archuleta, disguised as the bass player from the Hives, sings "Angels" to an auditorium full of admiring middle-school honeys (watch what happens when he hits the high note going into the first chorus). And here's another early video of him doing the same song. We're not saying any of this gave him an unfair advantage last night; we just thought you should be aware.