Filmmaker Ry Russo-Young Does the Work of Three Gus Van Sants

Filmmaker Ry Russo-Young is associated these days with the “mumblecore” movement, thanks to her appearance in Hannah Takes the Stairs and her own independent feature, Orphans. But as her 2005 short Marion proves, Russo-Young could carve a pretty successful career for herself making awesome experimental horror flicks. Starting off as an avant-garde reenactment of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, Marion presents three screens in which three different actresses play the part of Marion Crane from the original. Some minuscule differences between the three versions at first come off as minor miscalculations. By the time the shower scene rolls around, however, something altogether different, and more poignant, emerges. Take that, Gus Van Sant! Winner of well-deserved prizes at South by Southwest and the Chicago Film Festival, Marion is distributed by Indiepix on DVD. In the meantime, Russo-Young is finishing up another feature, titled You Won’t Miss Me, and we couldn’t be more excited. —Bilge Ebiri