Geeks, Glow Sticks Wiggle at Hot Chip Show

White and nerdy: at their Music Hall of Williamsburg earlier this month. Photo: Kate Glicksberg/Retna

There were shirtless kids and a smattering of glow sticks wiggling about at Terminal 5 Saturday as Hot Chip converted the oft-maligned (and sold-out) space into a full-fledged club. The band is more explosive live than their deeply nerdy appearance and their more mannered albums would suggest, and in a night populated by ecstatically greeted slow jams as well as freak-outs, “Don’t Dance” naturally sent the crowd into the most intense of paroxysms. By the set’s end, impish front dude Alexis Taylor — bedecked in several layers of rain-slicker yellow, the outermost of which consisted of a flimsy basketball jersey from Wendy’s — was as sweat-soaked as the kids filling the venue’s three levels. “Geeking” is totally the new “grooving.” —David Bevan