So, How Long Before Ben Silverman Green-lights ‘MILF Island’?

The centerpiece of last night's excellent new episode of 30 Rock was MILF Island, the only fake NBC reality show starring twenty hot moms competing for the affections of 50 eighth-grade boys through a series of physical challenges, most of which happen in showers ("Deborah and Sara are squaring off at Erection Cove!"). Watching the clips of the fictitious (for now!) series, it's impossible not to wonder just how far we are away from a world in which shows like this actually exist on primetime television. Really, with GE's earnings down and advertising expected to dip, how long can Ben Silverman possibly wait before he relents and orders a season of MILF Island to run on the real NBC? Certainly ideas like this have come up at network meetings, probably the very same writers'-strike-addled brainstorming sessions that birthed such classic reality series as Secret Talents of the Stars and the upcoming America's Greatest Dog (which we're actually sort of excited for). If the actors' strike happens, we're pretty sure we'll see you at Erection Cove.