Isabella Rossellini's Decision to Make Movies About Bugs Having Sex Makes Perfect Sense If You Think About It

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"Personally I've always had an interest in animals and everyone is interested in sex, so I thought that writing little shorts about how bugs mate would not only get a laugh, but would also be interesting." Isabella Rossellini on Green Porno, her series of short films about insects having sex [Celebritology/WP]

"I don't love it, because I don't think that's what this movie is. I refer to this movie as 'dude safe.'" Tina Fey on why the term "chick flick" doesn't apply to Baby Mama [MTV]

"Well, I don't understand how [on 24] there was a coup in the Oval Office, Jack's daughter got abducted, and there was a nuclear attack in Van Nuys, and it's not even lunchtime yet. But it's television." —Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof on complaints that the show is unrealistic [A.V. Club]

"Me, personally, I don't do it. I'm getting high off the situation of accomplishing my goals." 50 Cent on staying high on life [MTV]

"As you get older, I think it's a bad thing to try to keep writing songs about what a 21-year-old is going to relate to. It's important to keep writing songs that have to do with what you're going through in life at that point." Jack Johnson on his strategy for staying relevant [LAT]