Jackie Chan Baffled by America's Insatiable Hunger for Jackie Chan Movies

Photo: Getty Images

"I really don't know what the American audience is thinking, just like when I finished Rush Hour 1, I thought 'Oh my career is finished … the movie is terrible. I don't know the culture or what they are going to say, like "the action is horrible,"' and it was actually a big success in America. Then came Rush Hour 2, Shanghai Noon, and Shanghai Knights and I still don't understand, you know?" Jackie Chan [Ain't It Cool]

"We told Dick Cheney because we were pretty sure no one would be able to find him and get the secret from him." —Lost executive producer Carleton Cuse on the show's secret ending [USA Today]

"I'll have to win the prix de Rome next year or something. Oscars just ain't gonna do it for me anymore. I need the Nobel Peace Prize. The Oscars have worn off, man." Ethan Coen, awards junkie [AP via Yahoo]

"They're supposed to tell you if they have herpes." Christina Ricci, considering the pros and cons of onscreen kissing [BlackBook]

"Every night after filming, we'd go to a rave. We'd go to these clubs — I can't even tell you the names of them because if I tell you, they'll shut down. But they're super, super V.V.V.I.P. clubs in the backs of crazy, old, abandoned warehouses. And we'd drink these liquid-gold cocktails. It was amazing. Just like you'd picture." Amy Poehler on Baby Mama after hours with Tina Fey [TV Guide]