Pulitzer Winner Junot Díaz Goes Sci-fi

Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia

So how is New York fave (and Pulitzer winner) Junot Díaz following up his outstanding novel The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao? With some crazy sci-fi shit, apparently, if the excerpt he shared with Amazon's Omnivoracious blog is any clue. Saying, "Why not, who knows when it will ever see the light of day again," Díaz sends along some "opening throat-clearing" from the novel he's working on, Dark America. It's pretty rad, set in some kind of dystopian future as our reluctant hero rides atop a transport at a hundred miles an hour. In just a few paragraphs, Díaz paints a pretty clear picture of a world gone sour and gives us hints of how the story fits in with his past work. "The life of the Traveller, as they say, no es fácil," Díaz writes, but Junot Díaz writing hard-edged science fiction? Es bueno.

Junot Diaz, You've Just Won the Pulitzer … What Are You Going to Do Now? [Omnivoracious]