LeAnn Rimes, Flattered by Snoop Dogg's Comments, Refuses to Rule Out Possible Relationship

Photo: WireImage

"Snoop is really a gentleman and I loved meeting him. He made me feel like the most beautiful woman there with all of his flattering comments. You never know, there could be a Snoop and LeAnn duet sometime soon! I never rule anything out!" LeAnn Rimes on meeting Snoop Dogg at the CMT Awards [People]

"When a woman does nudity in a movie, men immediately switch into a sexual mode. For women, from what I understand, it's not like that. They see a naked, out-of-shape man crying and it's funny — something weird, disturbing and disgusting we can all laugh at." Jason Segel on the power of his wang to amuse and disturb [LAT]

"They all look and smell and — I imagine some of you will find out — taste like rock stars." — Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx, discussing the lineup for Crue Fest and totally grossing us out [Reuters via Yahoo]

"I'm not done with reality TV, but what I'm trying to do now is get to the movie screen. The sitcom stuff is a good way to get you there, because people see you reading lines, remembering lines and acting. Right now, I have a feeling your boy Flavor Flav is doing one hell of a job." —Renaissance man Flavor Flav on his new MyNetworkTV show, Under One Roof [NYDN]

"We don't need Sean. I'm old enough to play my own father. I would have loved to have had Sean back. But I think he prefers golf to acting nowadays and probably makes more [money]." Harrison Ford on Sean Connery's absence from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. [WENN via Entertainmentwise]

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