McLovin, Semi-Jokingly, Solicits Your Donations

Understandably dejected after his fearless performance in Superbad failed to win him a highly deserved Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, McLovin hit rock bottom earlier this year, being accused of underage drinking and, at his lowest point, hanging out with the members of Matchbox Twenty. Now, the beloved star (né Christopher Mintz-Plasse) is fighting his way back, sort of, asking for your donations in this passably amusing Funny or Die video (co-starring Kristen Bell). It's meant as a joke, we suppose, but they might want to set up a P.O. Box or a PayPal account as we're actually feeling pretty charitable.

"The Mclovin' Fund" with Kristen Bell and Christopher Mintz-Plasse [Funny or Die via Best Week Ever]

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