Our Lady Peace Singer Raine Maida Calls Out Neil Young at Show

Into the great wide open… Photo: Kelly Marages

Raine Maida, the interestingly named front man of Our Lady Peace (they were a big band in the nineties), may be Canadian, but last night at a sold-out Mercury Lounge, he took sharp exception with none other than Neil Young. “I was really angry,” Maida said, to read a quote in which Young, the legendary Canuck, called the belief that music can change the world naïve. (“I’m a blogger, like everyone else and their fucking dog, so I wrote an open letter to Neil Young and said some things I probably shouldn’t have.”) Maida then reclaimed Young's “Ohio” and introduced material off his first solo album (out here in August), which is thick with references to Americana, from the Fourth of July to Matt Stone and Trey Parker. He was joined only by a drummer, cellist, and on piano, his wife and fellow Canadian Chantal Kreviazuk — who, in what we can only assume was a nod to American family values, was noticeably pregnant. —Kelly Marages