Scarlett Johansson's Music Video Confirms: Her Album Is Good

Sure, it might as well be the sequel to Lost in Translation — what with all the pretty shots of ScarJo staring out car windows as Kevin Shields–y guitars drone in the distance — but the video to "Falling Down," the first single of Scarlett Johansson's album of Tom Waits covers, just confirms what we've been saying for a while: The album sounds good, people. Of course it helps that she's singing impeccably written Tom Waits songs. Of course it helps that her voice is dropped down in the mix, as befitting the specific early-nineties style the album's recorded in. But we're gonna be so snarky as to penalize her for making smart choices? Hell no. We're just gonna watch the video again, enjoy the song, and wonder what the hell Salman Rushdie is doing there. Who knew his acting career would continue to take off, post–Helen Hunt?

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