Uwe Boll Breaks His Brief Silence, Speaks Out on Internet Petition

In an interview last week, unpopular German director Uwe Boll vowed to stop making movies if one million people signed an online petition. Now, as the number of signatures approaches 150,000, Boll has issued this statement via YouTube, which, like much of his work, appears to have been shot in one take without a script. In it, he calls for his fans to start a pro-Boll petition (as far as we can tell, this has not yet happened), declares himself "the only fucking genius in the business" (and "not a fucking retard like Michael Bay … or Eli Roth making the same shitty movies over and over again"), and promises that his upcoming film Postal will be "way better than all that social-critic George Clooney bullshit that you get every fucking weekend." Sounds pretty good to us!

Uwe Boll Claims He is “The Only Genius in the Whole F’N Business” [/Film]

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