What's President Bush's Endorsement Worth on ‘Deal or No Deal’?

Last night, as oil prices climbed to new highs, our nation plunged further into recession, and the 2008 candidates competed for the all-important votes of WWE Raw viewers, President Bush made a taped appearance on popular game show Deal or No Deal to lend his support to an Iraq-war veteran, Army Captain Joseph Kobes, who received a Purple Heart and two Bronze Stars, and volunteered for his second and third deployments. "I am thrilled to be on Deal or No Deal with you tonight," said the president, shortly before asking Howie Mandel for help with the federal budget. "Captain Kobes, thank you for your courageous service in Iraq …Laura and I are rooting for you tonight. Good luck."

Yikes! In the above clip, Kobes picks the wrong suitcase and loses $750,000, slashing his winnings to a measly $26,000 (he later tripled it to $78,000 on the Deal Wheel, thankfully). McCain is probably praying Bush forgets to endorse him.

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