Will Harrison Ford Save Us From Shia LaBeouf and a Spinoff of Doom?

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

In an otherwise negligible interview in this morning's USA Today (headline: "Harrison Ford Is a Portrait of Rugged Individualism"), grizzled 65-year-old movie actor Harrison Ford refuses to rule out starring in a fifth Indiana Jones film someday despite the mounting prelash against next month's Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. While this no doubt is wonderful news to moviegoers who've always wanted to see the fictional archaeologist fall asleep in front of the History Channel or get lost in his own home, it might not be such good news for Shia LaBeouf, who plays Jones's son in Skull and who Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are rumored to be grooming to star in a spinoff trilogy once Ford gets too old to handle a whip. So, now, if Skull is well received, Ford will sign up for a sequel and LaBeouf will be relegated to sidekick status for at least another movie. If it turns out slightly less than perfect, LaBeouf will likely never work again. Somebody give this guy a break!

Harrison Ford is a portrait of rugged individualism
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