Zooey Deschanel Can Finally Unreservedly Recommend an Entertainment Product

Photo: Getty Images

"Sometimes I like the movies I'm in, sometimes I don't. Whereas this, I could say: This is me. I like it. I stand by it." Zooey Deschanel on her new album [NYT]

"I went into it kind of doing a singer/songwriter thing, but I was like, 'You know what? I want to do music people can have fun to and listen to in the summer.'" Ashlee Simpson on realizing that nobody has fun if she writes her own songs [MTV]

"I see myself as more of an Ian Ziering than a Luke Perry — but let's not quibble over our Beverly Hills, 90210 references. With 88 Minutes, it's a relief to play someone who's not monosyllabic." Ben McKenzie [BlackBook]

"I joke that I'm just a square boy from the Midwest, but it's pretty true. Well, that sort of depends on who you talk to. Look, I don't know who I am, okay?" Willem Dafoe, the pride of Appleton, Wisconsin [BlackBook]

"Let's face it: Pants are overrated." John Cho on the increasing amount of nudity in movies [MTV]