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All About Gidget, the Canine Star of ‘Sex and the City’

michael patrick king and gidget the dog

Michael Patrick King and Gidget.Photo: Mary Gormley

In the Sex and the City movie, Samantha finally finds her perfect match: Baby, a sex-obsessed pet dog. But finding a pooch that humps on command wasn’t easy, said the movie's writer-director, Michael Patrick King, at the premiere. "That was written, then we had to go out and find it. And we got a real winner." The dog, a Yorkie named Gidget, is owned by New Yorker Mary Gormley, a former music executive with Atlantic Records. "It’s a girl! A girl humper. How great is that?" King asked.

Gidget may sound like a very talented pooch, but apparently she was a bit of a diva, forcing the shooting schedule to work around her. “The dog would hump best in the morning, and at one point Kim said, ‘I get it — we have to do the dog’s humping first,’” King said. The canine character is a metaphor for Samantha’s situation. “I thought, What’s another way to show how frustrated she is?” King said. “To show a dog that’s been fixed that still can’t stop fucking.” —Bennett Marcus