Blockbuster's New In-Store Download Kiosks Will Redefine Convenience


Cutting-edge video-rental store Blockbuster announced today that it will soon begin testing in-store kiosks allowing consumers to download movies onto their portable devices. That's right — convenient, downloadable films will one day be just a short automobile journey away, supposing you live near one of the dozens of Blockbuster retail outlets that hasn't yet shuttered its doors after losing customers to Netflix. For right now, the movies will only be available to users of media players made by Archos, but Blockbuster CEO James Keyes says he hopes to eventually sign deals with electronics companies that more people have actually heard of. Additionally, the kiosks could soon be rolled out in "locations outside Blockbuster stores, such as airport gates." Also, presumably, atop tall mountains, at the ends of elaborate obstacle courses, and behind fire-breathing dragons.

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