Week in Review: Comment No. 388

Vulture, you are yellow journalists. Do you even research your so-called articles? David Archuleta is an angel from heaven and when he opens his mouth angels come out and the angels sing angel songs. Also, you were completely wrong about the Tony nominations — they never even considered the ham, and nothing was "snubbed," not even the show that lost by a single vote. I would also like you to correct the following inaccuracies: Vicky Christina Barcelona is not full of "hot threesomes"; Vampire Weekend is hotter than ever; and The CW will be a ratings success. It was cruel of you to spoil M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening, and inappropriate for you to speculate on how Robert Rauschenberg's death would affect his auction prices. (Even if you were right.) Also. SPEED RACER WAS EXCELLENT. Girls don't play Dungeons & Dragons; you Photoshopped that picture. Uwe Boll is America's finest director. And James Frey's novel is a classic.

However, I would like to commend you on your interview of William Shatner, which changed forever the way I view the handsome star of Boston Legal.