‘Cry-Baby’ Took the Tony Nomination ... by One Vote

: Not crying. Photo: Joan Marcus

The Post's Michael Riedel takes a peek behind the curtain at the Tonys' nominating committee — the 25 theater professionals who watch every show and determine the nominations for theater's biggest award. Twenty-five people isn't a lot of voters, so we guess it's not surprising that there are frequently ties — ten this year, according to Riedel, including the biggest, a tie between Cry-Baby and A Catered Affair for the final slot in the Best Musical lineup. A second tally, apparently, gave Cry-Baby the edge by a single vote. One vote! That one vote likely handed hundreds of thousands of dollars over from one show to another! Right now, some committee member — an actor, a scenic designer, a professor, a retired judge of the New York State Court of Claims — is either feeling a little guilty over the role he played … or is feeling awesome. "Honey! The kingmaker would like another cup of coffee!"

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