Despite Best Efforts of Daily Intel, the CW's Days Might Be Numbered

"Gotta run, my network is collapsing." Photo: Courtesy of The CW

Bad news for gays and Lisa Loeb fans: The CW, the adorable fledgling netlet that's home to Gossip Girl — which may or may not be the Best Show Ever but is certainly the subject of the Best Recaps Ever — may be on the chopping block. The Wall Street Journal reports today that if the network doesn't improve its ratings next season, "at least one of the network's owners is likely to abandon the venture." Ratings are down even from last year's grim tallies; the network continues to complain that the CW's audience isn't accurately measured by current methods. (In an attempt to remedy that problem, the network ceased free online streaming of Gossip Girl, to little effect.)

Can the CW survive? We're inclined to say yes, thanks to the presence on their fall schedule of 902102, mankind's greatest single achievement since the Wright brothers perfected human flight. When that becomes the biggest hit on television, it will be the CW who is laughing, and all other networks that are on life support! Nah, we're just kidding — 902102 will be awesome, but the CW will be off the air by next summer.

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