‘Dollhouse’ Trailer: ‘Cutting-Edge Science in a House Full of Hot Chicks’

Tagline: "Joss Whedon invites you to a world not far from our own."

Translation: Let's hope Fox doesn't fuck this up like Firefly!

The Verdict: Although we're pretty much excited about anything Joss Whedon does, we have to admit that we were a little worried that Dollhouse's plot about a programmable fantasy-for-hire woman who becomes self-aware might be a tad bit silly. What is this, the Stepford Slayer? Then the trailer leaked, and we're all done being worried. What's not to love? As the "active" named Echo, Eliza Dushku flaunts about five different identities, tears up the dance floor, and pistol-whips some dude. The trailer also gives us a peek at Olivia Williams as the ruthless Dollhouse madam, Tahmoh Penikett as an FBI agent hell-bent on tracking down the super-secret operation, and Fran Kranz as a nerdy programmer who delivers what we assume was Whedon's verbatim pitch to Fox: "This is an awesome gig! This is cutting-edge science in a house full of full of hot chicks!" We're sorry we ever doubted you, Joss. —Tammy Oler