Dwight Schrute Accepts McCain's Veep Offer

Photo: Getty Images

Last Thursday, Senator John McCain announced on The Daily Show that he would like Dwight Schrute of The Office to be his running mate. So when we ran into Rainn Wilson at the Lucky Club upfronts gift lounge at the Ritz-Carlton yesterday, we asked whether he thought a McCain-Schrute ticket would be successful. "I think it would be more than successful. I think it would be almost unfair," Wilson said. "But if I know Dwight, I don't think he would accept it unless there were certain conditions met. For instance, he'd be put in charge of the security detail." Dwight has a huge arsenal of weapons on the show. Does that make him something of a Republican? "I think Dwight defies all political characterization, but I think in gun laws, he'd go way right, I think further right than anyone, even the John Birch Society. I think he'd demand that guns be built into babies robotically at birth." Expect to hear soon from the McCain camp on where the candidate stands on the crucial robot-gun transgenic-baby issue. —Mina Hochberg