Flight of the Conchords Set Their Keytar to ‘Stun’ at Show

From left: Hiphopopotamus, the Rhymenoceros. Photo: FilmMagic

Last night's Flight of the Conchords show at Town Hall was a decadent affair: Audience members tossed all manner of gifts onstage, from toy robots to eye patches, and the funnymen themselves luxuriated in extended versions of their songs, sometimes stopping in the middle for a pinch of conversation (as they did during especially lengthy version of "The Humans Are Dead"). “The reviewers will call this self-indulgence,” Jemaine Clement grandly pronounced at one point. But Jemaine and his partner, Bret McKenzie, have inspired such a cult, especially with their HBO show (now in between seasons), that a sense of decorum also pervaded: The inane shouts for certain songs were shushed by other audience members. "You're a self-policing audience," Bret observed. For all the dry banter and genuinely funny joke songs, the night's best, most fittingly conceptual part came during the mid-set break, where the boys set their Keytar to play Wham's "Last Christmas" while they stretched and grabbed a drink. —Elizabeth Black