Hey J.J. Abrams, Where's the Viral-Marketing Campaign for ‘Fringe’?

On Saturday, the official trailer for J.J. Abrams's forthcoming Fox TV show, Fringe, hit the Internet and, despite its being "from the writers of Transformers," it looks like a smart combination of Lost, The X-Files, and several other shows beloved by Internet nerds. So where the heck is the viral-marketing campaign? It's been two whole days and there's, quite inexplicably, no sign of any Cloverfield-style fake Websites or alternate-reality games. Shameful! How are we supposed to get excited about a J.J. Abrams product without a secret, impossible-to-understand advertising push having absolutely nothing to do with said product? Does Fox honestly expect to capture our attention with a well-cut official trailer teasing an absorbing story, cool special effects, and sexy actors? What are we, animals?

A New 3.5-Minute Trailer For J.J. Abrams’ FRINGE!! [Ain't It Cool News]