How Long Until Richard Kelly’s ‘The Box’ Gets Its Own Post on Stuff White People Like?

Photo: Warner Bros.

Director Richard Kelly has a new movie called The Box coming later this year, and, unlike his last one (the insanely cast Southland Tales), the speculation this time isn't centered around how bat-shit crazy it will be, but on how long it will be before the film gets its own entry on the popular blog Stuff White People Like. Why? The Box's plot involves an unhappily married, frequently scarved couple (white actors Cameron Diaz and James Marsden), possibly on the verge of divorce, who have a small child and live in the suburbs. One day, as a gift, they receive a box with a button that, when pressed, will make them instantly wealthy, but, at the same time, will kill someone they don't know. It will likely premiere at a film festival of some kind.

Okay, obviously, so far, this is all pretty tenuous. But yesterday we learned that Arcade Fire (a.k.a. the World's Whitest Band) will be scoring the movie. How long before Stuff White People Like wakes up and takes notice? Frankly, we're surprised it hasn't happened already.

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