Leaked: New Usher Album Fails to Find Love in Clubs or Elsewhere

Photo: Courtesy of LaFace Records

Usher, Here I Stand

Official Release Date: May 27

The Verdict: "Love in This Club," despite its promising theme (it's literally about doing it on a crowded dance floor), never really matches the charm or R&B absurdity of the R. Kelly singles it's obviously based on. A bummer, since it's definitely the highlight of Usher's new Here I Stand. Otherwise, there's the upbeat, not-bad "Best Thing" (featuring Jay-Z), the Will.I.Am-produced "What's Your Name" (possibly built from the leftover parts of "Yeah!"), and a bunch of forgettable slow jams, all adding up to the fact that if "LiTC" isn't an all-summer hit, Usher doesn't really have a plan B.