Lil Wayne Replaces Baby Nas and Baby Biggie as Hip-Hop's Most Adorable Infant

Photo: Courtesy of Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown.

Last month, when posted the image at left and claimed it was the official cover for Lil Wayne's long-awaited millionth album Tha Carter III, we immediately dismissed it as an amusing fake. Turns out it wasn't! He told yesterday that it's the real thing. (The lesson: unlike fake-seeming memoirs, fake-seeming record covers are pretty much never fake.)

Who would've ever guessed that the man responsible for "Ask Them Hoes" was so cute as a baby? Way cuter than Baby Nas or Baby Notorious B.I.G., who graced the covers of Illmatic and Ready to Die, respectively. We especially like the solid teardrop tattoo on Wayne's left cheek, which signifies that he's committed a murder. How'd he kill a guy — with his pacifier? Adorable!

Lil Wayne — Whose 'Lollipop' Is #1 — Gives His Baby Picture A Tattooed Makeover For Carter III Cover [MTV via Pitchfork]