‘Lost’: What Is Octagon Global Recruiting?

Those of you who, like us, watch Lost on a DVR may have missed this ad the first time around. It's a fifteen-second spot that aired near the end of last night's finale for something called Octagon Global Recruiting — a firm looking for "volunteers to assist in a range of unpaid positions" this July in San Diego. The "firm's" Website reveals it's a subsidiary of the Dharma Initiative, and the San Diego dates — coinciding, as it happens, with San Diego Comic-Con — suggest that another Lost alternate-reality game is being planned. If you're heading out to Comic-Con, keep an eye out for Octagon recruiters! After all, they're looking for all kinds of people — janitors, engineers, IVF specialists, ichthyologists — so surely there's something you can do to pitch in.

(By the way, this might be the best trick yet to get viewers to actually watch the commercials.)

Octagon Global Recruiting
["Official" site]