Matthew McConaughey to Play Mellow, Bongo-Playing Captain America?

Photo: Photo-illustration: Courtesy of Paramount, Marvel Comics

Photo-illustration: Courtesy of Paramount, Marvel Comics

Good news for pothead superhero fans everywhere: Rumor has it that Marvel's most straight-laced comics hero, Captain America — the guy whose famous first-issue cover had him punching out Hitler, for goodness' sake — might be played by none other than Matthew McConaughey. We're excited, because the mix of laconic, irreverent McConaughey with upright, humorless Cap has the potential to be a disaster of Bat-Nipple proportions. But we're also excited because if they somehow pull it off, and a giggly Matthew McConaughey leads Captain America to a $100 million opening weekend — just as once-unpromising Robert Downey Jr. did for Iron Man — we fully expect to see McConaughey before Congress, in full stars-and-stripes regalia, testifying on behalf of marijuana legalization before the decade is through.

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