McCarter Defends ‘Top Girls,’ and More Highlights From the Magazine's ‘Culture Pages’

Photo: Illustration by John Gall and Ned Drew; Joan Marcus

In this week's New York, Jeremy McCarter decries playgoers — and the Tony committee — for overlooking Top Girls, which he calls an "elusive masterpiece." Many of New York's other critics are busy this week too. David Edelstein loves The Edge of Heaven but wishes the White Witch could have edited Prince Caspian's script. Sam Anderson takes a serious look at the biography of a funny guy, Chris Farley. John Leonard thinks HBO's Recount could have used some song-and-dance numbers. And Jerry Saltz remembers Robert Rauschenberg.

Meanwhile, Mates of State are rockers who are so nice they're almost annoying. City of Thieves author David Benioff talks Hollywood, suggesting Peter Weir to direct the adaptation. Parvez Sharma, director of the gay-Islam documentary A Jihad for Love, has smuggled tapes into Iran. Laura Dern caked on the makeup to play Katherine Harris in Recount. And we ask the Sanrio corporation how they feel about artist Tom Sachs's basically claiming that Hello Kitty is in the public domain. Finally, who will win the Best Actress in a Musical Tony? Patti, Patti, Patti!