Nelson Mandela Musical in the Works; Morgan Freeman, Clear Your Calendar!

Photo: Getty Images

A group of producers announced today that they're developing a musical about Nelson and Winnie Mandela and the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Though the show is exactly as likely to actually happen as every other in-development musical announced via PR blast — i.e., not that likely, especially as no New York talent is attached at this point — we can think of one move that would instantly make this show not only a guaranteed hit but a guaranteed classic: Cast Morgan Freeman.

Why not? The guy's an accomplished theater actor, he's back on Broadway after a long hiatus, and he's already playing Nelson Mandela (in The Human Factor). Once he wins the 2009 Best Actor Oscar, wouldn't the 2009 Best Actor Tony be a nice addition to the trophy case? Hell, the Nobel Committee would probably accidentally give him the Peace Prize. On the other hand, if he's sick of playing Mr. Gravitas, maybe this isn't the best move.

Mandela-Inspired Musical About Apartheid Years Being Developed for Broadway [Playbill]

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