Official: ‘Speed Racer’ Loses to Ashton Kutcher; Emile Hirsch Fires His Agent, Obviously

Photo: Photo illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images, Courtesy of Warner Brothers

On Sunday, rival studios accused Warner Bros. of inflating their box-office estimates for Speed Racer just to save themselves the abject embarrassment of losing to Ashton Kutcher's What Happens in Vegas… — turns out the allegations were true! WB claimed the brain-pummeling kids' movie took in $20.2 million between Friday and Sunday, but now, after all receipts have been counted, we find out that it made only $18.5 million, compared with Vegas' undisputed $20.1 million.

So not only did the Wachowski brothers' nightmarish live-action cartoon make back just a fraction of its $160 million budget in its opening weekend, but it also lost to the guy who played the titular dude in Dude, Where's My Car? and got caught trying to cover it up (which is actually pretty reasonable, we suppose). God, how embarrassing. Quite understandably, Emile Hirsch has already fired his agent.

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