‘Sex and the City’ Takes Over NYMag.com

Photo: Courtesy of New Line Cinema

Wondering where all Vulture's coverage of the Most Important Movie in the History of New York is? Sure, we've explained why Mr. Big will die, introduced you to Samantha's humpy dog, and speculated about what physical torment men would suffer to skip the movie — but nymag.com's other blogs, especially Daily Intel, have flooded the zone in their coverage of Carrie and her gal pals. (Want proof? Check out the file name of the photo to the left to see how our shared photo editor feels.)

Don't miss the video of gals (and guys!) before and after last night's midnight showings at Kips Bay. Plus, they polled basically every single person who saw the movie last night, asking them questions like "Are you a straight guy?" and "Why are you here then?" Daily Intel has also investigated whether poor people like Sex and the City too, how Cynthia Nixon has become the movie's gay-publicity weapon, Bloomberg's secret pain, and Steve's secret shame. Over at the Cut, nymag.com's fashion mavens have weighed in on whether SATC is to blame for young professionals' dressing trampily at the office, and interviewed legend Patricia Field about her favorite SATC outfits. And even Grub Street has gotten in on the action, with a slideshow of cupcake porn — luscious pastries whose rich curves far outstrip those of SATC favorite Magnolia.