Snoop Dogg's ‘One Life to Live’ Appearance Completes Most Ridiculous Promotional Tour of All Time

Over the past couple of months, ostensibly to raise awareness of his recent album, Ego Trippin', Snoop Dogg has appeared onstage with Willie Nelson, performed a song in German for a European cell-phone commercial, contributed a track to Lindsay Lohan's upcoming Motown record, and attended the CMT Awards (where he became smitten by LeAnn Rimes, kicking off a glorious two-day romance). Now, to cap off what will almost certainly be remembered as the most awesome publicity tour of all time, Snoop appeared on yesterday's episode of ABC soap opera One Life to Live to do his single "Sensual Seduction" (we'd rather have found out that he'd fathered Gigi's baby — instead of boring old Rex — but, hey, we'll take it anyway).

How can the promotion for his next album possibly match the absurdity? Will he enter a strongman competition? Rap for the Pope? Become an honorary Jonas Brother? Who else is allowed to have a career like this? And is it made any more impressive by the fact that he once stood trial for murder? Anyway, hear Snoop's remixed theme song for OLTL after the jump!

Video: Snoop Performance on One Life To Live [Nah Right]