‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ Trailer Has Its Head on Straight

Tagline: "Me llamo Benjamin Button."

Translation: "My name is Benjamin Button." (Thanks, six years of high-school and college Spanish!)

The Verdict: Debuting in theaters before Indiana Jones this weekend is the trailer (only the Spanish version has surfaced on YouTube so far) for David Fincher's much-anticipated take on F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story about a guy who's born an old man and ages in reverse. If done wrong, the special effects required to put Brad Pitt's 44-year-old face on a 90-year-old's body might've looked scary and ridiculous — like the ones in the Wayans brothers' Little Man and R. Kelly's alleged sex tape. But this actually looks completely amazing and totally non-terrifying. Past the CGI, the movie looks pretty great too and, based on trailer alone, is already being hailed as an early Oscar contender. We sort of can't wait to see this.

(Note: When the above version inevitably gets taken down in a few minutes, you can probably still see it here.)