‘Twilight’ Trailer: Teenage Hunger Gets Darker

Tagline: "When you can live forever, what do you live for?"

Translation: Parents, lock up your daughters!

The Verdict: This teaser trailer for the adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's megaselling vampire romance novel Twilight is mostly a series of shots featuring the film's main characters, spunky outsider Isabella Swan and vampire Edward Cullen, gazing at each hungrily. And that's exactly the point. This sucker is designed to render the hordes of passionate Twilight fans, mostly teenage girls, as powerless as a doe being hunted by a dreamy vegetarian vampire. Edward alternates between menacing and protecting Bella, sneering at her and then giving her the stink eye, the perfect mojo to make the film's teen protagonist — and the novel's fans — dizzy with desire. We think Twilight might have surprising mojo at the box office, too. It even worked on us! Despite our affinity for David Archuleta, we're no pack of starry-eye teen girls, and yet this trailer even made us a little tingly inside. —Tammy Oler