‘Umbrella’ Watch 2008: Is Estelle’s ‘American Boy’ the Song of the Summer?

From now until something displaces last year's "Umbrella" from the top of our iTunes most-played list, Vulture will be judging the contenders for this year's Song of the Summer.

Estelle feat. Kanye West
Yesterday, we conceded that, unless it's somehow derailed by its stabbing-related theme, Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love" will probably be 2008's "Umbrella." Still, if we had any say in what song reaches "Crazy in Love"–level ubiquity this year, we'd pick Estelle's Kanye-enhanced single, which we first heard back in February and haven't really stopped listening to since. Despite its humble beginnings (the beat is a sample from Will.I.Am's abysmal solo album), it's catchy, smart, and already a chart-topping hit in most other civilized countries. Its theme might not be invisibly bland enough for true mass consumption (in the song, the London-based singer learns to love Chicago-born Kanye, even though he's American and wears baggy pants), but Estelle, if there's anything we can do to help, just let us know.