‘Umbrella’ Watch 2008: Is Usher’s ‘Love in This Club’ the Song of the Summer?

From now until something displaces last year's "Umbrella" from the top of our iTunes most-played list, Vulture will be judging the contenders for this year's Song of the Summer.

Usher feat. Young Jeezy, "Love in This Club"
Yes, the first single from Usher's Here I Stand — a soulful request to Ush's ladyfriend to copulate in the middle of a crowded dance floor — is totally idiotic. It's also purportedly constructed exclusively from samples that come included with Apple's GarageBand. Even so, it's probably best not to count it out. 2004's "Yeah!" wasn't exactly "God Only Knows," and that did okay. Plus, there are enough remixes of this track to give it a second chart life once the original's run its course (you've already heard the Lil Wayne-Beyoncé version, and there's allegedly one with Jay-Z on the way too). Also, the hook is sort of growing on is, unsanitary though it may be. Worst-case scenario: This will be a massive club hit (at least until people actually start befouling dance floors).