Warren Christopher Angry at ‘Buffy’ Nerd Over ‘Recount’

warren christopher and danny strong
Photo: Getty Images (Christopher); courtesy of UPN

The Times today goes through some of the complaints that Democrats have with Recount, the HBO film dramatizing the 2000 presidential-election battle. Many feel that the portrait Recount paints of Warren Christopher is unfair, and that he was more assertive in the fight than he is portrayed as being. Even James Baker, Christopher's opposite on the Bush side, says that Christopher was "not as wimpish as it makes him appear."

That's all well and good, but we feel it is crucial to remind you of one important fact. All those quotes from the screenwriter, in which he defends his movie, talks about refusing to send the screenplay to Christopher, and calls Christopher a "noble statesman"? That's Danny Strong! That's Jonathan from Buffy! Warren Christopher is in a fight with Jonathan from Buffy!

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HBO Film About 2000 Recount Draws Protests From Democrats [NYT]

Earlier: Which ‘Buffy’ Nerd Is Writing HBO's 2000 Election Movie?