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Artist Cameron Hayes Paints Missing Link Between Sugarhill Gang and Hieronymus Bosch

Cameron Hayes’s By the time they opened the first Museum of Rap in Fatehpur Sikri no-one could taste, smell, feel, hear or remember it anyway (2006).
Click to open a larger version in a new window.Courtesy of Ronald Feldman Fine Arts

Aussie artist Cameron Hayes paints vast, intricate works derived equally from the pages of the Bible as from the weird visionary ramblings your college roommate might have had on peyote and painted while snacked out in front of MTV. Here he replaces Hieronymus Bosch's licentious biblical characters lounging around fountains with shriveled rappers in an overcrowded cityscape. See more works jam-packed with historical oddities at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts through June 28. —Emma Pearse