Orange You Glad You Don’t Have Hair Like Artist Ann Pachner?

Ann Pachner’s (2004). Photo: Courtesy the artist and A.I.R Gallery

Ann Pachner creates bright, voluptuous objects and images. She does wood carvings that look like casual teepees or leaves that a fairy might use to float down a river on. She presents five-foot pencil drawings in their original and digitized form, images that suggest fire, hair, or a lady's ballooning skirt. Here, it's not clear if Pachner is making the best of a bad hair day or if said bad hair day has provoked a nuclear reaction of sorts. Either way, we're hoping our next bad hair day looks as dramatic as this — and perhaps we'll also try and pass it off as art. Pachner's one-woman show closes at A.I.R Gallery in Chelsea tomorrow. —Emma Pearse